Chiropractic EMR Hosting

EMR software hosting options for chiropractic practices

1st Providers Choice uses highly trained IT technicians to provide chiropractic practices with top-quality EMR support and networking services. We provide two Chiropractic EMR hosting models so you can choose which options best suits your organization.

  • Client-server model
  • Web-based EMR system

Why Choose a Web-Based Chiropractic EMR?

While some of our clients choose a client-server installation, many opt for the web-based hosting model, due to the low cost of entry. Some of the other reasons you might decide on a web-based Chiropractic EMR versus a client-server model include:

  • Save money on expensive servers and computer hardware
  • Avoid paying maintenance fees and other unexpected hardware costs
  • Get expert IT support - technicians available 24/7
  • HIPAA-compliant remote backups ensure your data is secure

Let us help you choose the Chiropractic EMR software hosting option that's right for you. Call 480-782-1116 today!