EMR Fax Management

Two-way communication from your fax to your Chiropractic EMR software

Our EMR software for chiropractic practices automates the fax management process and reduces manual work. It streamlines communication between providers, makes it easy to send e-prescriptions and receive medication refill requests - with data flowing directly from the fax to the Chiropractic EMR.

Chiropractic EMR Fax Management Features

  • Get incoming faxes delivered directly into the EMR
  • Easily read and file faxes in patients' charts
  • Send faxes directly from the EMR, including prescriptions, letters and labs
  • Manage referrals and authorizations more easily
  • Send automated "Thank You" letters to referring physicians

Learn more about our chiropractic patient fax management software. Call 480-782-1116 or contact us online.